Promotes joints health & alleviate knee pain due to arthiritis, strains and sprains.

Supports strong immune system

Helps to increases energy and vitality

Facilitates smooth wound healing

Improve overall blood pressure

Assists in balancing blood sugar

Improve Blood Circulation

Protects against gastric ulcers

Helps to promote stem cell proliferation & ability to reduce liver damage

AkuaRiz® Gamat Extract capsule is a natural and convenient supplement for busy career men and women alike to lead an active lifestyle. The entire family - from young to old, from healthy to those with chronic diseases or recovering from illness- can benefit in terms of enhanced immune system, revitalized energy levels, for joints health and to alleviate pain due to arthiritis, wound healing and overall wellness.

Research on Stichopus horrens indicates that this species delivers various health benefits and is especially useful for :

Promotes joints health & alleviate knee pain due to arthiritis, strains and sprains.

Supports strong immune system, Improves blood circulation and blood pressure

Helps to increases energy and vitality and Assists in balancing blood sugar

Facilitates smooth wound healing

Protects against gastric ulcers and promote stem cell proliferation & ability to reduce liver damage

Safe - there is a full toxicology studies right up to acute and chronic stage for product safety.


This product is developed under supervision of Prof. Dato' Dr. Ridzwan Hashim & his team who have pioneered and developed the DNA technology of gamat species identification.

Due to its dry extract encapsulated form - there is assurance that the bio-actives are retained in its natural form.

Unlike other products, AkuaRiz ® Gamat capsule dosage is scientifically proven and it is formulated in its effective dosage of 67mg of pure gamat extract derived from the Stichopus horrens species.

Yes - 100% preservative free! Produced in our GMP facility, we have developed a special technique to process gamat extract from raw to pure extract powder without the need for preservatives.

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M, Business Owner
I am a business owner and have been on Chondroitin Glucosamine to relief my bones and joint pain for the past 2 1/2 years. When I miss my daily intake , I will normally feel discomfort and pain About a week ago , my long time buddy introduced me to gamat capsule saying that it is a more natural supplement which can help provide me the pain relief I need . So as not to upset him, I stopped my medication and started consuming the AkuaRiz® gamat capsule and braced myself for the pain that will normally arise when I forget my medication. Surprisingly , I did not feel any pain and in fact feel more strength in my legs especially when I climb stairs or whenever I move in and out of my car . I am now a firm believer in this product - the fact that it is 100% preservative free also gives me the peace of mind of long term consumption !

Jen, 50's, Professional
The most frightful thing for me is to visit the dentist - so I always procrastinate whenever I have a toothache or inflamed gums until I cannot take the pain anymore. Last night I had a really bad toothache and my gums were all swollen due to tooth decay affecting 2 teeth. The pain was unbearable but I remembered what my friend told me - apply gamat extract and consume 2-3 gamat capsules and it should help . I tried it , and after about fifteen minutes , the throbbing pain stopped . I was able to eat start swallowing , grabbed some dinner and sleep through the night . Although my teeth still need to be extracted the next morning , I always keep a bottle of AkuaRiz® gamat capsule at home , just in case any member of family ever get into the same spot !

Mr.Lee, 40's, Lawyer
In March 2014 I was diagnosed with a herniation of my L4-L5 disc. Sharp pains shot and radiated down my left leg, all the way down to my foot. I then received a recommendation from my doctor to try a microdiscectomy to remove the bulging section of the disc. I was not totally convinced with surgery. I subsequently received treatments from a chiropractor and then a physio therapist. My condition has improved with both the treatments of the chiropactor and physio therapist, but there is still lingering pain if I walk or stand for more than 15 minutes. My recovery got another boost when my good friend gave me Akuariz® capsule & I was amazed at how it helped to heal my condition. Though my recovery is not 100% complete, I definitely feel the benefits of the oral gamat capsules. Incidentally, a traditional Chinese medical practitioner told me that gamat helps for patients suffering from slipped disc.