Coral Waves is focused on the commercialization of innovative health care products with gamat extract through our close collaboration with a team of talented scientists, guided by the science on gamat and led by none other than Prof. Dato' Dr. Ridzwan Hashim, popularly known as "father of gamat" (Bapa gamat).

Vision: To develop gamat, a truly Malaysian discovery & heritage, as a nutritional supplement, which can improve wellness for people from all walks of life, locally & beyond the shores of Malaysia.

Mission: To develop the gamat industry in Malaysia through commercialization of a series of high quality gamat products that would benefit the health and beauty care industry.

Sea cucumber (gamat) in general, and the species Stichopus horrens (golden gamat) in particular, is an amazingly unique ingredient that is blessed with amazing curative properties especially for anti-inflammation, anti-pain and metabolic syndrome related disorder. Although gamat is widely regarded as an effective & health benefiting nutraceutical, there remains a lot to be done through proper scientific studies.

At Coral Waves, our focus is on the science - to uncover the benefits of gamat as a therapeutic agent based on thorough research and analysis in this area in order to re-invent the view of gamat from the realms of traditional medicine to its rightful place in holistic alternative medicine.
AkuaRiz® brand originates from the combination 'Akua', which refers to water (aqua), water-bed where Gamat or golden sea cucumber, a marine animals found and 'Riz', which refers to our very own leading Gamat researcher Prof. Dato' Dr. Ridzwan Hashim, fondly known as Bapa Gamat or Father of Gamat.

AkuaRiz® is the result of more than thirty five years of research conducted by Prof. Dato' Dr. Ridzwan Hashim and his team - on sea cucumber (gamat) in general, the "Stichopus horrens" species in particular, and most importantly uncovering the possible links between gamat and the medicinal and healing properties which it has been traditionally known for more than three hundred years.

AkuaRiz® is the brand that combines the science of gamat with stringent manufacturing practices & innovative product processing and technology to bring the first ever gamat capsule approved by the Ministry of Health and other quality gamat-based products to the market.
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In today's world of integrative medicine, there needs to be a comprehensive approach towards overall health & wellness which gives due consideration to disease prevention and treatment. Nutrient rich foods (plant or animal based) often hold the key to achieving well-being.

For discerning consumers, selection of such supplements should be premised on it being not only derived from a natural source but to also paying due attention to the technology & manufacturing process and ascertain that the efficacy and nutrient level of the active ingredients have not been lost in the process.

Sea cucumbers are soft-bodied marine invertebrates that inhabit the deep seas. It has been an anti-disease food for centuries especially in the East and Far East. Traditionally, sea cucumbers have been used in Asian and Middle Eastern folk medicine. Sea cucumbers, which are also called "vacuum cleaners of the sea," "trepang," or "beche-de-mer," are marine invertebrates that have been a food source of many Eastern cultures, particularly in China, Korea, Indonesia, and Japan. Sea cucumber or local name 'gamat' refers to certain species from Genus Stichopus and Family Stichopodidae which have medicinal remedies.

Research on Stichopus horrens:
a. Species Identification of Sea cucumber
b. Value and benefits of various species
c. Determination and diversification of sea cucumber based on DNA
d. Unique processing technology for highest nutrient retention