Reduce redness and provides quick relief for skin abrasion, minor scalding and common bite marks due to the inherent anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties of gamat.

Soothe sunburn, improve skin hydration and reduction in skin redness & itch whenever exposed to the sun.

Can be used to singly or to complement skin improvement or scar fading regime
Promote skin regeneration and minimal scarring as the ability to re-grow and re-generate is inherent in gamat.
Rich in minerals such as zinc and Vitamin E for overall skin improvement

AkuaRiz® Gamat Gel is specially formulated using pure gamat extract (Stichopus horrens) in combination with aloe vera extract for enhanced efficacy.

Studies conducted by Prof. Dato' Dr. Ridzwan & his team of researchers have shown that gamat extract when used topically is effective in promoting rapid wound healing especially for diabetic wounds, burns & abrasions with minimal scarring. This may be due to the rapid cell regenerative & proliferative properties of gamat extract which is also rich in minerals such as zinc and vitamin E that promote wound recovery.

AkuaRiz® Gamat Gel is effective for relieving pain from wounds, scalding and insect bites due to the anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties exhibited by gamat extract. In addition, the synergistic combination with Aloe Vera extract would soothe sun burn, relieves or prevents itching. AkuaRiz® Gamat Gel is also good for treating minor skin conditions.

It's a 100% aqueous base, which is non-greasy & absorbed easily when applied to the skin. AkuaRiz® Gamat Gel can be used daily as a skin care to promote good & healthy skin in view of its richness in antioxidants, broad spectrum of minerals & vitamin E. It is especially good as a moisturizer which helps to hydrate skin leading to more supple & soft skin. Ideal for individuals who have oily skin, can be used prior to the application of make-up.

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Michelle, mid-30's
My daughter fell down from the stairs recently and was bleeding profusely. I quickly applied the gamat gel on the wound and after 2 application within 10 minutes from each other , the bleeding had stopped completely . On the second day , I could see that the swelling have completely disappeared - and the wound was starting to heal . Two days after , the wound completely healed and no scars .

Z, 18 years old, Student
I have oily skin and always end up having pimples popping up , especially when I have been burning the midnight oil . My mum brought back one tube of AkuaRiz® gamat gel and asked me to apply on my face daily in the morning and night . I find that my skin pimples are gone , and I now have clearer skin , even my friends in college complimented me recently and asked for my secret